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Audit of Financial Statements

Financial statements are the core of any business, from an accounting and business perspective.

They reflect the company’s activity in various aspects: revenue, the condition of assets and liabilities for a particular day, liquidity, and more.

We take auditing of financial statements seriously and give it our full attention This activity is not a technical matter, and is far beyond simply submitting reports to banks, tax authority, and other stakeholders.

A financial statement that is written and submitted in compliance with guidelines is an important managerial tool for any company, and allows managers to have an overview of the company’s state in the past, in the present, to understand which actions are needed to improve in the future.

Along with preparing financial statements, we believe in the necessity to analyze the data together with our clients, in accounting terms, as well as in business terms.

In addition to a financial statement, an adjustment statement is required to be submitted to the tax authority, which must reflect, as accurately as possible, the tax plans allowed by law. Our familiarity with the taxation system, along with our business understanding of the client and his field of business, allows us to audit and prepare the financial statements in an excellent, reliable, and professional manner, that include: balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, and income tax adjustment reports.

Levkovich & Co. has extensive experience conducting audits of financial statements for businesses from various fields, like: commerce, industry, hi-tech, services, marketing, advertising, media and more.

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